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With 18 years of personal experience, professional achievements as a world champion bodybuilder, and ongoing study about health and fitness, I have devised a successful strategy to help you build the body of your dreams without spending hours in the gym each day. In this online course, I will share the tools and protocols that I use to ensure great results are achieved.


You will learn how to maximize workouts for maximum muscle gain with minimal time commitment; understand nutrition basics for healthy eating habits; develop long-term strategies for maintaining good health; and create individualized goals based on your desired results. You can also interact with me directly throughout the course via video chat or message board if needed.


This system has been designed specifically with convenience in mind; no matter where you live or what type of lifestyle you lead, this course will fit into your schedule while helping you reach all of your fitness goals. With my guidance and expertise at hand, it's easy to achieve success regardless of skill level or prior knowledge – so why wait? Start today by signing up now!



Day 1 

Module 1

Training - What training structure best suits you?

  • Discussion about the type of exercise or training.

  • Duration: 1 Hr

Day 2 

Module 2

Nutrition - Mindful eating

  • Food discussion that will help you with your metabolism.

  • Duration: 1 Hr


Day 3

Module 3

Recovery - Rest and overall health.

  • The recovery or resting options will help you to reset your nervous system, body, and mind.

  • Duration: 1 Hr


Starting at USD$ 575


Program Inclusions : 

  • Total of 3 hours; live zoom meeting

  • Food list for you as your kick start (pdf)

  • Training structure as your foundation (pdf) 

  • Plus extra 1-hour live zoom meeting after the completion of the program.





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