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Performance Nutrition Specialist 


Komang Arnawa.jpg

Komang Arnawa rose to fame as a drug free competitor in the international bodybuilding arena and twice holds the highest honor in the sport as Pro World Champion (2004 and 2005).


He was crowned champion of his last six successive competitions, became one of the youngest ever Pro World Champions and holds the highest honor in the sport as PNBA Pro Natural Olympia Champion.


Career highlights : 

  • 2004 MuscleMania Pro World Champion, California, USA

  • 2005 INBA Pro Natural Olympia Champion, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 2008 IFBB Elite Australia Champion, Perth, WA

He is also a performance nutrition specialist, who curates his knowledge of fitness & wellness programs from experience and science based principles, to reach and maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

Arnawa remains undefeated as the World’s top ‘drug free’ bodybuilder.


Arnawa’s Balinese spirituality is the force behind his winning attitude towards life.


He believes that one’s reaction to a situation stems from how greatly he values himself and how much he appreciates life and all it offers.


I caught up with the aspiring champ, to discover how ‘training smart’ has helped him to progress to where he is today with a modest attitude and humble nature.

Komang Arnawa.jpg

Bodybuilding is an art and a science.


Becoming a drug free contender is the highest compliment I can attain at world champion status.


Taking substances such as steroids,  for me personally,  simply does not fit with my philosophies. People are often sceptical when they read I am a lifetime drug free athlete. I take this as the ultimate compliment.

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