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I offer guidance in nutrition, I.e. macro and micronutrient necessities that will best support your goals, and a list of foods that will help to achieve sustainable energy and effective post training recovery. 


A 45 min consultation - a conversation in order for me to gain specific details about numerous elements of  your current lifestyle. With this knowledge I can assess what amendments can be introduced to progress towards your health and body shaping goals. 


During 1 hour training under my guidance, I will enable you to push beyond your current abilities safely and effectively. Days outside of assisted training are devoted to recovery techniques which we will go over in the initial consultation. 


Program Inclusions :

Day Pass - Gym Access

45 min Fitness Consultation

Blood Test ( Optional )

60 min Private Training Sessions


1 Post - Workout Drink

1 Selected Spa Treatment 


Note : Shower facilities, lockers and amenities are provided. 

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