My objective with clients is always to introduce training methods that help them to sustain optimal energy and injury prevention over the long term. 


‘Recovery’ is an essential practice that my clients must incorporate into their training regime after intense physical activity. 


As such, a typical training session requires 1,5 hours of time. 


- 45 min of guided physical activity 

- Post workout sauna 

- Post workout plunge pool 


Shower facilities, lockers and amenities are provided. 


Program inclusions :


45 mins of fitness consultation 

10 x 45 min private training sessions

Gym Access  

Weekly analysis

Blood test ( optional )

Meal plan guidance

Supplements ( optional )

Program tweaking

Tailor made program - training plan 


Note : 6 - day training plan based on your lifestyle and fitness goal. This package is valid for 50 days.