This program will help you to build your strength in 21 days. 

I devised a successful strategy to gain results in building your strength. I structured it as 3 phases in line with your strength goals and individual biochemistry. 

We will discuss about nutritional supplementation, post 'intense exercise' recovery options, mental preparation in order to help you become more in tune with optimal training, and aspects of health & wellness. This fundamental basic will become the foundation upon which you can target any future training as your personal goals evolve.


I am here to keep you on tract, take action and reach your strength building goal. 

Starting at USD$ 575

Program Inclusions : 

  • 4 X 30mins mentoring via online

  • food and success work list for you as your kick start (pdf)

  • training structure as your fundamental (pdf) 

  • mentoring valid for one month with optional extension

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