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Komang Arnawa is your ultimate guide in fitness, helping you safely push your limits and reach your full potential. With his expert guidance, not only will you enhance your abilities, but you'll also learn valuable recovery techniques to rejuvenate after workouts. WHAT'S NEXT? He'll provide personalized consultations and use your completed fitness questionnaire and blood test results to create a custom 3-month training plan. Starting from day one, he'll monitor your progress and also recommend additional activities to support your journey. This approach ensures training is tailored to your goals, commitment level and lifestyle, helping you achieve lasting fitness success. Inclusions : - A 30-minute consultation for a comprehensive assessment of your fitness background and the creation of a tailored fitness plan aligned with your health goals. - A 45-minute private session. - One-day gym access. - Towel service. - Changing room access. - Complimentary mineral water. Duration : 75 Minutes

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