I enjoy helping people to have a better understanding of their body, and also guiding them towards achieving the shape and energy levels they desire.


I try to lead by example, however the commitment to change must come from them. The steps I introduce make goals achievable and I look forward to sharing my fitness & wellness experience with men and women who are ready to level up their lifestyle."

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What started as a professional client / trainer relationship progressed into a friendship that I hold very close to my heart. Komang’s advice and philosophies about living a life in balance really resonated with me and his mentoring each week challenged me to reach my highest potential. My physical appearance changed dramatically under Komang’s expertise and, feeling amazing, I chose to enter a body shaping competition in Los Vegas, USA. (Musclemania 2014) 

Nairana Ormsby, Fashion Designer,  New Zealand

February 10, 2013

In Komang's mind, everyone is a champion if they focus, listen to life's lessons and put in the work. Who knows where the roots of determination are buried? Komang has the unique capacity to tap in and unearth such to empower others. He's a true leader. Komang has the unique ability to bring these  things out in people who he works with.

Jonathan Stevens, World Bank, Senior Technical Advisor/ Consultant Civil & Environmental Engineer / Economist

March 10, 2008