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Are you struggling to find the motivation and direction to kickstart your fitness journey in a sustainable way?


I began my fitness journey at the age of 14, delving into bodybuilding and martial arts alongside my two brothers. Our initial amateur efforts evolved into a more structured routine when we joined a club that offered free Karate lessons to kids. Eventually, I achieved a Black Belt and competed in local competitions. It was then that my Sensei recommended combining Karate instruction with weight training for a sustainable approach.


Interested in tailoring your fitness goals? Reach out anytime. I’m available to chat on Instagram or WhatsApp to connect. Begin your journey to a more empowered and healthier you.



What started as a professional client / trainer relationship progressed into a friendship that I hold very close to my heart. Komang’s advice and philosophies about living a life in balance really resonated with me and his mentoring each week challenged me to reach my highest potential. My physical appearance changed dramatically under Komang’s expertise and, feeling amazing, I chose to enter a body shaping competition in Los Vegas, USA. (Musclemania 2014) 

Nairana Ormsby, Fashion Designer,  New Zealand

In Komang's mind, everyone is a champion if they focus, listen to life's lessons and put in the work. Who knows where the roots of determination are buried? Komang has the unique capacity to tap in and unearth such to empower others. He's a true leader. Komang has the unique ability to bring these  things out in people who he works with.

Jonathan Stevens, World Bank, Senior Technical Advisor/ Consultant Civil & Environmental Engineer / Economist


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